Who have arrived, who have been arrived, who order, who are ordered. If you all sit comfortably, I will speak these imperfect words. Excuse us a lot you all who are visited. In the name of Allah who is all generous and all compassionate. May the salvation from Allah be over you and so also the mercy of Allah. The time has come to give unending thanks to God/praise God. And unending prayers to our prophet Muhammad. So we give thanks to God, and are patient, the patience which comes from the ummat of the prophet Muhammad.

So the time has come now, today, four o'clock after noon, to meet each other face to face, who are visited and who visit. The male ones feel that they are, "We are like tied bamboo, like who arrive from itchy x, like who arrive from sharp horn, like who really face (the females), and now here in Baraka, the carrying band was broken, and the carrying rod was broken."

He thinks about himself that, we come from below, four times slanted land, from above x heaven. He looks for one who is of same bone and same blood, who keeps her oath, holds tight her promises. We who come from the males think about ourselves that, "We have carried on our shoulders bunches of coconuts, we have carried on our side bunches of areca-nuts, we have carried on our head ears of rice. We are looking for person, who has true words, who keeps her promises."

So to all of you, we who come from the males are already facing (the females). We give thanks now, the mat is already open for you to come, and the stairs are free to be used, too. Until this far the programme from us males.

From the females there are who will answer with a couple of words. "We from the females apologize truly. A long time we have x resin and feeded the fire, We have scooped water for those who come from the itchy x, sharp horns. Hopefully, that person who is going to ask/propose to us (will be of good descent), because we all, hopefully, the person who will come to us is a person who in his actions, follows the commandments of the religion, who is afraid to leave the prayer time, ashamed to x the recommendable, that is the person we hope very much. The others are all finished. So this is our hope, we females. The stairs of our house has been open for a long time, in the waiting for a person who will break his carrying rod, and break his carrying band. It is he who is said to keep true words, and keep his promises. Hopefully we will have luck in this combining with you all now. The thing which caused that we sit here now, we will join in helping in prayers when he goes here and there. So that all the leaves of the tree will rejoice in seeing them. Anna takkappo to tallu naratui dau. She will use it and not become old, she will be always beautiful. Until this far from us females. It's your turn who are from outside, if there is something supporting to be said."

So this speech is finished. The waterbuffalo will move his head on the mountain. And fish will move under the water. The dog will be silent in the south, the hen will be silent in the north, the hen will not crow, the dog will not bark. And about the two, who will go through, and do what is good. To do something that will make us all rejoice, because the flash has already flashed. The thunder has already sounded, and Mr. Bacoq and Mrs. Bacoq came. So this carrying band and this carrying rod, Mr. Bacoq with Mrs. Bacoq, will connect it.

So, this was what is called one piece of words, which we forwarded to you all. It was not well composed and it is finished now. May the salvation from Allah be over you and so also the mercy of Allah. In the end we add, because the male are always like, if they go to south, they oppress, if they go to north they go accross stones. If they go east, they will speak alone. If he is in the west, the male really will say something that is true. Hopefully, the sprout will become young at afternoon. And in the morning produces buds, and then worships God.