Making cottage cheese

If you want to make cottage cheese, you need to have a water buffalo or cow, which has given birth and whose calf is still small. Because cottage cheese is made from cow's milk or water buffalo milk. First you have to milk the water buffalo to get the milk. If you want to milk the water buffalo, it should be fed, so that it is calm in one place, and not moving around. If the water buffalo is wild, it should be bound, so that it cannot move.

When going to milk, the calf should be fed first so that milk (flow) is stimulated. After the milk flow is stimulated, you get a hollow container, into which to put the milk. When milk, the cow's udder is kneaded first and then the teats are squeezed. When you squeeze, the milk squirts out and it is caught in the hollow container.  After milking, the milk is taken and poured into a cooking pot. Then the cooking pot is placed over a fire where it is heated until it is boiling. When it is boiling, you add papaya sap mixed with water. If there is no papaya sap, you can get papaya leaves or rinds, which are pressed and then filtered. The papaya sap is added into the boiling milk little by little until the milk becomes thick.

After the milk has coagulated, the cooking pot is lifted and the thickened milk is separated from the whey. Then the thickened or coagulated milk is put into a coconut shell, which has a hole in the bottom.  Then the coagulated milk is pressed, so that the cottage cheese becomes dry. The remaining milk (the whey) can be drunk or it can be poured over the rice when eating. If you want to store the cottage cheese, it is salted so that it can last four days.