Etiquette in the village

R.H. Ombo Bulan

Literal translation: Meaning:
Etiquette in the village Admonition to my kinsmen

Scattered are stones
Stones that cannot but yearn
Stones that cannot be cracked by the beams of sun
That cannot be destroyed by water


This admonition endures as a rock,
accomplishing its resolve.
Hot rays of sun cannot rend it
nor water wear it down.


The mountains of the village
The plains of people of Garuntuk
Their spirit is like silver
Their soul like pure gold


With your whole being strive all mountains to climb and all valleys to cross.
It is our willpower and single-mindedness that determines the result.

Cakke Bu’tu, its water is clear
Clear without match
The etiquette is the flower of the village
Our birthplace that we yearn for


Our integrity and
unsurpassed uprightness;
our conduct adorns our country,
the apple of our eye.


An old eagle on top of a tree
It screeches at sunset
Words are plentiful
It is deeds that determine


Advice of an elder
we should heed.
Words are but of little worth,
without the upheld deed.


Post a prayer as high as sky
Unroll your aspirations as wide as the plains
Leave your village to go to a far away place
Do not return before you are... thick with leaves

Contribute to the country’s gain
aspiring even to the skies.
Settle in some far off place
return not until success is in your hands.