Peace with you! Welcome brothers. Here you can enjoy stories in the Duri language. Read also the Injil or listen to stories about the lives of the prophets. If you have questions please send them to us (click contact at the bottom of this page). If there is something that is not appropriate or complete, please make corrections.

If you want to read the book of Golden Words by King Salomon in the Duri language click here.

Click on the link here if you want to go to the page where you can watch the Jesus film in Duri.

The New Testament and some books of the prophets are now available as an Android app for your mobile phone at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.duri.sulawesi.alkitab&hl=in 

You can also download the Good News about Jesus and some books of the prophets on your computer. Follow these instructions:

a. Click on the icon to download the file to your computer.

b. On you computer, double-click on the file name to open the installer program.

c. Follow the prompts to install the Windows Scripture App. It will be located in a folder named "Alkitab Duri".