Good and Bad People (50)

English Bahasa Duri

Good and Bad People

A1: What kind of character is best according to the elders?
B1: The best kind of character is a person who respects others, just like we want to be respected.
A2: What are the characteristics of a wicked person?
B2: A person who likes to get mad.
A3: What does ”likes to get mad” mean?
B3: Someone who likes to get mad is a person who will get mad over any little thing he doesn’t like.


A1: Matumbara to sipa' kaminang makassing nasanga to tojolo?
B1: Ia to sipa' makassing sipakatauki' lako padanta' rupa tau.
A2: Matumbara sipa'na to tomangoa?
B2: Ia to sallegalli.
A3: Matumbara to disanga sallegalli?
B3: Ia to disanga sallegalli, ia to tau, denna apa ci'di' nakaba'ci, magalli omi.