How to kill a chicken

How the Muslim people kill a chicken. If a Muslim person is going to kill a chicken, he must first wash the head of the chicken, and then its feet, so that it is clean. There are people who say that, it is ritually washed first and then killed. But according to my knowledge, it is ritually cleaned only if it (also) is prayed over. After it has been washed, it is moved facing west. One person holds its feet and wings, so that it doesn't flap the wings or pull lose its feet. The knife which is used to kill (the chicken) is sharpened, so that it is sharp. The person who kill (the chicken), holds the knife in his right hand, and the head of the chicken in his left. When he is ready to kill the chicken, before he pushes the knife, he reads first a prayer, "In the name of Allah who is full of love and favour." After that he cuts with the knife about at the top of the throat or at the end of the head. When he has cut with the knife, the throat with the artery are broken in order that much blood will come out, so that it quickly dies. When much blood has come out, the killing is stopped, and the chicken is let free. In this way the Muslim people kill a chicken. If not, the Muslim people may not eat it.

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