Making Rope (19)

Bahasa Duri


A1: Budaraka pondan inde'?
B1: Ie', buda ia. Duangrupa. Den to dikande, den too to te'da nadikande. Ia to dikande kembua, ia to te'da nadikande, anggennara daunna.
A2: Dikabua' apara to pondan te'da nadikande?
B2: Dikabua'i ulang tannun. Apa ia to tojolo nakabua' ade'na dodo.
A3: Matumbara ke dikabua'i ulang?
B3: Ia to dikabua' ulang, ia to daun malollo'na. Dialai na dibaa lako bola, namane' dikarrukdikua namessun bannangna.
A4: Matumbara ke mangkarruk pondanki'?
B4: Iake mangkarruk pondan, dii'ba'-i'ba' sibiccu'i to daun pondan namane' dipatamakajaoh to dii'ba', mane' dirui'. Apa makattik to lima ke nakannai.
A5: Dipatumbami ke mangkai dikarruk?
B5: Dialloi jolo' joo bannangna. Iana makasemo diananmi na menjaji ulang tannun.  Iamo nadisanga ulang tannun. Anggemi. Malemira dibaluk lako pasa'.
A6: Sipirang da'para to simesa' ulang?
B6: Sipatang da'pa.
A7: Sipirara allinna to simesa' ulang?
B7: Sikaruapulona ruppia. Na gaja bo'jo'ki' ngkabua'i namane' jaji simesa' ulang.





Making Rope

A1: Are there a lot of pineapples here?
B1: Yes, lots. There are two kinds, one which is eaten and one which is not. The kind that's eaten bears fruit, while the kind which is not eaten doesn't bear fruit. It only has leaves. 
A2: What do you do with the kind which isn't eaten?
B2: We make woven rope. But it's said that our ancestors used to make sarongs from it. 
A3: How do you make that rope?
B3: The rope is made from young leaves. The leaves are collected and taken home. First they are stripped in order to extract the fibers. 
A4: Ho do you strip pineapple leaves?
B4: If we want to strip pineapple leaves, the leaves are split into small pieces, then placed inside split bamboo, then the fibers are drawn out. But it makes your hands itchy to touch it. 
A5: Then what else do you do when that's finished?
B5: The fibers are dried in the sun. Once they are dry, they are plaited to make woven rope. That's why it's called woven rope. When it is finished, it is sold at the market. 
A6: How many fathoms (the distance between fingertips of arms stretched to the sides) is one rope?
B6: Four fathoms. 
A7: How much does one rope cost?
B7: Eighty rupiahs. We are very tired of doing it by the time we've made one rope.

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