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Kada tuo na mawatang too to kadan-Na Puang Allataala, na la'bi mataran na ia to pa'dang mataran patomali. Susi pa'dang ntarruh kale ratu lako panglesoan na buku lampa, susi too kadan-Na Puang Allataala ntarruh penawa nnissen pikkirisanna sola akkalanna tolino.

Hebrews 4:12

Greetings of peace to all brothers and sisters!

In this site you can read texts in the Duri language. The Duri people live in South Sulawesi, Indonesia and around 120 000 people speak the language. On this site you can also read the Gospel or listen to the books of the prophets. If you have any question please click the Contact at the end of the page. Hope you will enjoy this site, and if you have some feedback please contact us.

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