Letters of the Duri language

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The conversations are about everyday situations in Duri and has been prepared for the Duri people to use in various ways. First, it is hoped that these dialogues will help people to make an effective transition between the Duri language which is spoken in their homes and villages and the national language which is taught in their schools and used in written materials of every kind. With this in mind, the Indonesian is not merely a word-for-word translation of the Duri but rather a clear rendering of the equivalent meanings in the standard language.

Secondly, there seems to be an avid interest in learning English among Duri students. Although this is not a specific goal in preparing these conversations, we aimed to give good idiomatic English translations so that those interested in learning English will find these conversations useful. The Duri writing system is consistent with Indonesian with the addition of a commonly found glottal (').


p t c k '
b d j g  
m n ny ng  
w s l r y   h


i   u
e   o
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