Preparing for the Wedding (47)

Bahasa Duri


A1: Matumbamira anakkata', meloh unarika?
B1: Mbai meloh ia, sanga ia tonna kukutanaii kamma' bangri ia.
A2: Ia pale' ke susii tuu wa'ding melohhi ia. Pirara doi' la kipasirempun?
B2: Ia saba' te'da too nawa'ding dita'dean to ada', iana den una situju, doi' mesa' juta, tedong dua, rido limang pekulu'.
A3: Te'damoraka leko'na tapeta'da laen?
B3: Te'damo.
A4: Ia pale' ke susii tuu, ia tuu peta'danta' kikullemo. Jaji, piranra kilamangpaendek?
B4: Iake te'dai saba' iake purai la'pah puasa.
A5: Ie', jajimi.



Preparing for the wedding

A1: How is it with your daughter, sir? Is she willing?
B1: Maybe she is willing, because when I asked her she was just silent.
A2: If that’s the case, may be she is willing. How much money do we need to collect?
B2: Because we can’t forget our customs, and if you agree, I ask for one million rupiahs, two carabao and five sacks of rice.
A3: Is there nothing else which you ask for?
B3: There is nothing else.
A4: If so, then we are able to meet your requests. Therefore, when can we carry out the festivities?
B4: If there are no obstacles, later once Lebaran is over.
A5: Okay. It’s all worked out.

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