Plowing (21)

English Bahasa Duri


A1: What is that you are carrying?
B1: This is called a plow. 
A2: What is a plow used for? 
B2: It's used when we want to plow rice paddies. 
A3: Why are rice paddies plowed? 
B3: In order to make it easy to plant rice and also so that it will grow well. 
A4: How is plowing done? 
B4: When we plow we use water buffalo. The water buffalo pulls the plough.
A5: How many buffalo are used for plowing? 
B5: Here in Duri only one water buffalo is used, but the Enrekang people as well as the Bugis people use two. 
A6: How many men does it take for plowing? 
B6: In Duri, two people: one to lead the water buffalo, and one to hold the plow. 


A1: Apara tuu tabawa?
B1: Disanga tengko.
A2: Diapara tuu tengko?
B2: Dipake ke manengko umaki'.
A3: Ciapari naditengko to uma?
B3: Dikua namarawa ke mantanan pareki' na maloppok too to pare tuo.
A4: Matumbara ke manengkoki'?
B4: Iake manengkoki' mpakeki' tedong, ia joo tedong iamo mangrui' tengko.
A5: Sipirara tedong dipake ke manengkoi to tau?
B5: Ia to inde' Duri simesa'ra tedong dipake apa ia to to-Endekan sola to to-Bugi' sidua tedong dipake.
A6: Sipirara tau ke manengkoki'?
B6: Ia to to-Duri sidua tau ke manengkoi, mesa' tau mangrui' tedong, mesa' mangtakke tengko.