Planting Cocoa (24)

English Bahasa Duri

Planting Cocoa

A1: What's the name of that you are planting, sir? 
B1: It's called cocoa. 
A2: How is cocoa planted? 
B2: If you want to plant cocoa, first a hole for olanting has to be made, about fifty centimeters deep and wide. When the whole is finished, just leave it that way for about three weeks so that the hole and teh dirt from it are exposed to the sunlight. 
A3: After three weeks, then what is done? 
B3: The hole is filled in, and the dirt from it is mixed with goat manure or cow manure, and then it is filled in. When you are finished filling it in, leave it for about one week so that the filled soil is rather firm again. Then you can plant the cocoa. 

Mantanan sikola'

A1: Apara tuu tatanan?
B1: Disanga sikola'.
A2: Matumbara ke mantanansikola'ki'?
B2: Iake la mangtanan sikola'ki', digaraganra jolo' kalo'bong, sikira-kira limang pulo senti luahna sola dalanna. Na iana puramo dikalo'bong dipada'dang bangmi sikira-kira tallung minggu dikua naalloi joo kalo'bong sola to pangkalianna.
A3: Dipatumbami ke nadete'mi tallung minggu?
B3: Dibumbun pole'mi joo kalo'bong, na ia to litak pangkalian kalo'bong dipasigarui tai beke ia'rika tai sapin, namane' dibumbun joo kalo'bong. Iana puramo joo dipada'dang omi sangminggu, dikua namampin rampa' joo litak pahbumbunan nena', namane' ditanan to sikola'.