Owl II (35)

Bahasa Duri

Totosik II

A1: Umbomira to totosikta'?
B1: Matemi, dipatumbari ke madoangki' nggaragai perhiasan tuu totosik na te'da nabubau?
A2: Diballakki jolo' ba'tangna, na dialai to tambukkuna mane' disonti' pormalin.
B2: Diapami ke purami disonti' pormalin?
A3: Dijai'mi to ba'tangna to pura diballak nena', mane' dialloi angge makase.
B3: Diapa omi ke makasemi?
A4: Dibawami lako bola nadigaragan ngenan.



Owl II

A1: Where’s your owl?
B1: It’s already dead. How can we make a decoration out of it, but one that does not smell?
A2: Cut into its belly, then remove its intestines before you inject it with formalin.
B2: What else is done after it is injected with formalin?
A3: Sew its abdomen where it was just cut, then dry it in the sun.
B3: Then what do I do once it’s dry?
A4: Take it to your house and make a place for it.

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