Orchids (40)

Bahasa Duri


A1: Male umboki'?
B1: Malena' ntiro angre'.
A2: Wa'dingraka ke undina'?
B2: Capori ia.
A3: Umbora nanii to angre' buda?
B3: Jio tangngaalah, siandah Liangbai.
A4: Pakean apara dipake ke mentamaki' alah?
B4: Sapatu laras, baju malando limanna, calana lando, sanga buda duri sola lematik.
A5: Tajanna' pale' jolo', kumale sullei bajungku'.
B5: Ie', kutajanpiki'. Motoro'ta'mo tapake, sanga te'dapa nawa'ding dipanggandengngi tee motoro'ku', sanga mane' puranna disullei seherna.
A6: Budaraka rupanna to angre'?
B6: Buda gaja ia rupanna. Den to mabusa bunganna, den to malea bunganna, den to mariri, den to sikola', den too to bate'-bate'.
A7: Matumbara to alah nanii buda angre'?
B7: Ia to nanii buda angre' ia to alah sare-sare lako kadellekan na buda kaju paropo' jio.
A8: Umbonnara to disanga paropo'?
B8: Ia tuu joo. Ia joo kassara' kuli'na.
A9: Umbora wattu namakassing ke malekiq ntiro angre'?
B9: Iake wattu kembungai to angre' namakassing male ntiro angre', sanga mabela unapiki' nadikitamo to bunganna. Apa ia too te'dapa nawattunna kembunga to angre'.
A10: Angre'raka tuu joo, jio paralla' tangke kaju?
B10: Ie', angre'mo joo. Mariri bunganna ke kembungai.
A11: Mawakkena', denraka wai tabawa?
B11: Te'da, apa iake madoangki' niso', den batang kaju ntee mai, buda wai lan garonto'na. Waqding diiso' sanga te'da nacarepa.
A12: Den tonganraka ia? Na matumbai carana ke madoangki' niso'i?
B12: Dita'takki batangna jao liu, namane' dile'to-le'to sikira-kira mesa' metere', naciccoro to wai lan mai garonto'na.
A13: Matumbara carana ke mpiaraki' angre'?
B13: Ia to angre' dipatamai sume' kaluku ia'rika diputu'i bulu dikua danggi' namadii makase na makassing too nanii tuo waka'na. Ia joo sume' kaluku dipatama'i tai garagaji ia'rika tai teng ia'rika sume' to sibiccu'-biccu'.
A14: Matumbara iake angre' tuo jiong litak?
B14: Biasanna ditanan jiong po'. Ia to po' dipatama'i ocing, batu bata sibiccu'-biccu', sola tai garagaji sola sume' to dile'to-le'to sibiccu'.
A15: Matumbara carana ke dijampangngi to angre'?
B15: Tuli dico'bohra pissen ia'rika penduan sangngallo, nadipajio to te'da nakaalloan gaja, sanga te'da nakabudai to angre' ke nakannai allo.
A16: Penpiranra kembunga to angre' lan sangtaunna, na simasai to'raka kembunga?
B16: Penpissen sangtaun, apa ia natakkala kembungamo biasanna te'damo naradan kembunga, sanga ia joo tangkena tuli messun to bunga jio mai, ke makassingngi jampangna.




A1: Where are you going?
B1: I’m going to look for orchids.
A2: May I come along?
B2: Yes, certainly.
A3: Where are there lots of orchids?
B3: In the middle of the forest, near Liangbai.
A4: What kinds of clothes should I wear into the forest?
B4: Boots, a long-sleeved shirt and long pants because there are many thorns and leeches.
A5: Okay, wait for me and I’ll go change clothes.
B5: Okay, I’ll wait for you. Why don’t you use your motorcycle, becaus emy piston rings have been changed recently so I cannto give you a ride.
A6: Are there many kinds of orchids?
B6: Very many kinds. There are ones with white flowers, ones with red flowers, yellow ones, brown ones, and also speckled ones.
A7: What kind of forest usually has lots of orchids?
B7: Forests which slopes eastward and have many ”paropok” trees usually have lots of orchids.
A8: Which of the trees is the kind that’s called ”paropok”?
B8: That’s it over there, the one with the rough bark.
A9: What is the best time for us to go orchid hunting?
B9: The best time is when the orchids are in bloom, because then you can see them from a distance. But they won’t be in bloom now.
A10: Is that an orchid between those branches?
B10: Yes it is! It has a yellow flower when in bloom.
A11: I’m thirsty. Did you bring any water?
B11: No I didn’t, but if you want a drink, there is a tree here with lots of water inside, which we can drink because it is not dirty.
A12: Is that so? And how do we get a drink from it?
B12: You cut a limb on its topside, then you make little scores about a meter so that the water inside the limb comes out.
A13: How do you take care of an orchid?
B13: The orchid should be placed inside a coconut shell or else in a container with palm fiber so that it doesn’t dry out quickly and has a good place for the roots to grow. The coconut shell should be filled with sawdust or tea grounds, or pieces of coconut shell which have been cut very small.
A14: What about orchids which grow on the ground?
B14: Usually they are planted in a pot. The pot should be filled with charcoal, pieces of brick, sawdust and small pieces of coconut shell.
A15: How do you take care of orchids?
B15: Always water it once or twice a day and keep it in a place which isn’t very sunny, because orchids can’t grow in direct sunlight.
A16: How many times will the orchid bloom in one year, and how long will the flowers last?
B16: Once a year, but once it is in bloom it will usually keep on blooming, because the flower stalk keeps putting out new buds, if it is well cared for.




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