My Family (11)

Bahasa Duri


A1: Pirara sile'tota'?
B1: Kaserakan sile'to.
A2: Pira kakanta', pira too adinta'?
B2: Mesa'ra kakangku' na pitu adingku'.
A3: Umbora dinii njajianki'?
B3: Inde' Panyurak.
A4: Tuo unapiraka to tomatuanta'?
B4: Tuo unapi, inde' unai torro.



My Family

A1: How may children are in your family?
B1: There are nine of us.
A2: How many are older than you, and how many are younger?
B2: One is older and seven are younger.
A3: Where were you born?
B3: Here in Panyurak.
A4: Are your parents still living?
B4: Yes, they are still living and they live here.

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