Moving to a new house (14)

English Bahasa Duri

Moving to a new house

A1: What are you working on?
B1: I'm making fried peanuts.
A2: Why are you frying peanuts?
B2: We are going to have a celebration and we will give them to guests.
A3: What kind of celebration are you having?
B3: We are going to celebrate the completion of our house.
A4: How long will it be until you move in?
B4: After the rice harvest is over.

Endek bola baru

A1: Mangngapariki'?
B1: Mangba'te rappona'.
A2: Ciapari tamangba'te rappo?
B2: La mangcerakkan na dipangngoloan lako to toratu.
A3: La mangcerak apariki'?
B3: La dicerakki to bola sanga mangkami dikabua'.
A4: Piranri la diendekki to bola?
B4: Purapakan mepare.