Marriage Customs (48)

Bahasa Duri

Ada’ mangpabotting

A1: Wa'dingraka ke kukutanaiki' to ada' to-Duri?
B1: Wa'ding una. Apara la tapekutanaan?
A2: Matumbara ke mangpabottingngi to tau inde'?
B2: Iana la mangpabotting to tau inde' male jolo' dipangkadaan to muane. Iana ditarimamo disuami mangpaendek.
A3: Apara disanga mangpaendek?
B3: Ia to disanga mangpaendek, ia to muane mbawa apa apa to dikande ke bottingngi.
A4: Apa unamora biasa napaendek to muane ke la bottingngi?
B4: Buda lalanna. Iana tosugih mbawa tedong, mbawa rido, mbawa doi', mbawa bulawan. Iana te'da nasugih biasa bekera digere', den too to manukra digere', den lalo uga'na to mangpalopo' bangra.
A5: Sipirara doi' napaendek to tau ke bottingngi?
B5: Buda rupanna. Den to sidua juta, den to simesa' juta, den to silimaratuh sa'bu, den too siduaratuhra sa'bu.



Marriage Customs

A1: May I ask you about Duri customs?
B1: Yes, you may. What is it you want to ask?
A2: How do the people here hold a wedding?
B2: When we have a wedding here, a spokesman for the groom first proposes marriage to the girl’s family. If the proposal is accepted, arrangements are made for the ”carrying up of the goods”.
A3: What does the ”carrying up of the goods” mean?
B3: That is when the grooms side brings the things which will be eaten durign the party.
A4: What is usually brought by the groom’s side?
B4: Many kinds of things. If they are rich, they bring water buffalo, rice, money and gold. If they are not rich, then only goats are slaughtered. Sometimes only chickens are slaughtered. In fact, at some weddings they make food only out of sticky rice mixed with palm sugar.
A5: How much money is brought when a person marries?
B5: It varies a lot. Sometimes there’s two million rupiahs, sometimes one million, sometimes five hundred thousand, and sometimes only two hundred thousand.

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