Making Walls (30)

English Bahasa Duri

Making Walls

A1: What are those men working on under the house?
B1: They are making windows and walls.
A2: Have they been working long?
B2: Yes. It’s already been eight days since they started. Once they are put together, the walls and the windows are attached to each other.
A3: Do lot of people help in making the walls?
B3: Yes, many do.
A4: Is this part of their ”pangkombong” cooperative work?
B4: No, it’s not ”pangkombong”. They have just volunteered to help with making the walls.

Mangkabua’ rinding

A1: Apara nagaraga to tau jiong bala bola?
B1: Nggaragai pentiroan sola rinding.
A2: Masaimoraka nagaraga?
B2: Masaimo. Karuami allona too digaraganna. Iana mangkamo dipasang, dipale'ke'mi rindingna sola pentiroanna.
A3: Budaraka tau mbali'i manggaraga rinding?
B3: Buda.
A4: Pangkombongraka joo mbali'i?
B4: Tangngia pangkombong. Nabali'i bangri mangkabua' rinding.