Living in Duri (7)

Bahasa Duri

Torro inde’ Duri

A1: Wa'ding unaraka ke ratukan inde' sipangkada-kadangki'?
B1: Wa'ding una ia.
A2: Takabudairaka torro inde' kampongki'?
B2: Kikabudai gaja.
A3: Apara parallunta' ratu inde'?
B3: La mpelajahhikan bicara Duri. La ngkabua'kan kamus bicara Duri, sola susunan bicara Duri, sola rrempunkan curita-curita to Duri.



Living in Duri

A1: May we come here and talk with you for a while?
B1: Sure.
A2: Do you like living in our village?
B2: We like it a lot.
A3: What is the reason you have come here?
B3: To study the Duri language. We are going to make a Duri dictionary and grammar, and compile stories of the Duri people.

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