Getting a Splinter (45)

Bahasa Duri

Natossok kaju

A1: Ciapari limanta' namerara?
B1: Mpelena' sali jio dapoh natossokki kaju.
A2: Messunmiraka kajunna?
B2: Denmo messun, apa den unapa lan. Den kusa'ding pea napollohhii la'boh. Apannara nakanna?
A3: Ajena.
B3: Malemiraka lako ruma saki'?
A4: Ie', malemi.
B4: Dijampimiraka jio ruma saki'?
A5: Ie', dijampimi. Dijai' toomi kojongna.



Getting a Splinter

A1: Why is your hand bleeding?
B1: I was mopping the floor in the kithcen and I got a splinter.
A2: Have you got the splinter out?
B2: I’ve got some out, but some is still inside. I heard there was a child who got cut when a machete fell on him. Where did it hit him?
A3: On his foot.
B3: Was he taken to the hospital?
A4: Yes he’s already been taken there.
B4: Has he already been treated at the hospital?
A5: Yes, he was treated. His wound was also stitched.

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