Farmer (20)


English Bahasa Duri


A1: Come up into our house!
B1: Oh, I think I'll just stay down here for now.
A2: Come in and sit down. Where are you coming from?
B2: I'm coming home from the garden.
A3: What were you doing at your garden?
B3: I was weeding.
A4: What is planted in your garden?
B4: In my garden there are lots of tubers, corn, radishes and millet. Let's go to my garden for some roast corn!
A5: Some other time.


A1: Endekki' mai bola!
B1: Ie', ma'namo jolo'.
A2: Mentamaki' mai cumadokko-dokko! Umboriki' pole?
B2: Polena' jio mai bara'bah.
A3: Mangngapariki' jio bara'bahta'?
B3: Tumorakna'.
A4: Apara to buda ditanan jio bara'bahta'?
B4: Ia to buda ditanan jio bara'bahku' kandoa', dalle, kaladi, ba'tan. Tamale lako bara'bahku' mantunu-tunu dalle!
A5: Masa'-sa'pa.