Delivering Food (23)

English Bahasa Duri

Delivering food

A1: Where are you coming from ma'am? 
B1: I'm coming from delivering food. 
A2: Where did you deliver food? 
B2: To the garden. 
A3: Why did you deliver food to the garden? 
B3: There are people preparing the soil at the garden, so they have to have food taken to them. 
A4: What kind of food did you take to the garden? 
B4: Corn mush and boiled yams. 
A5: Who's preparing the ground at the garden? 
B5: 'Pangkombong'. 
A6: What do you mean by 'pangkombong'? 
B6: 'Pangkombong' are people who help each other work their respective gardens. 
A7: How many people take part in group work? 
B7: There's no set number. Usually anywhere from four to eight. 


A1: Umboki' pole' indo'?
B1: Polena' parundun.
A2: Umbora tani parundun?
B2: Jio bara'bah.
A3: Ciapari naden parundun?
B3: Mangbuahhi to tau jio bara'bah, jaji diparundunra.
A4: Apara tabawa ke parundunki'?
B4: Baro'bo dalle sola nasu kandoa'.
A5: Indara mangbuah jio bara'bah?
B5: Pangkombong.
A6: Apara disanga pangkombong?
B6: Ia to disanga pangkombong ia to tau sibali-bali'i ke mangjama bara'bahhi sisulle-sulle sibali'i.
A7: Sipirara tau ke mangkombong?
B7: Te'da natatta', biasa sia'pa', silima, siannan, sipitu, sikarua, buda rupanna.