Dating (9)

Bahasa Duri


A1: Denmoraka balinta'?
B1: Denmo.
A2: To umbora jo' balinta'?
B2: To jio mai Finlandia.
A3: Umboriki' sitammu?
B3: Ia tonna kumassikola jio Inggiris na kisitammu.
A4: Sicandingriki'ka tamane' siala?
B4: Ie', sicandingkan.
A5: Piramira anakkata'?
B5: Duami, mesa' baine mesa' muane.
A6: Pirang taunmira to muane?
B6: Duang taunmi sitangnga.
A7: Umbori jo' too?
B7: Malei maningo-ningo sola sangpeana.
A8: Lumingkamiraka to biccu'?
B8: Te'dapa nalumingka.
A9: Piramira isinna?
B9: Duami.
A10: Apara nakande tikianu'?
B10: Tollo', camme sola abon-abon sici'di'.
A11: Te'damoraka nacumucu?
B11: Cumucu unapa.




A1: Are you married, ma'am?
B1: Yes I am.
A2: Where is your husband from?
B2: He's from Finland.
A3: Where did you meet?
B3: We met when I was going to school in England.
A4: Did you date each other before you were married?
B4: Yes, we did.
A5: How many children do you have?
B5: We have two, one girl and one boy.
A6: How old is you son?
B6: He's two and a half years old.
A7: Where is he now?
B7: He went to play with his friends.
A8: Is your youngest walking yet?
B8: Not yet.
A9: How many teeth does she have?
B9: Two
A10: What does she usually eat?
B10: Porridge, vegetables and a little dried shredded meat.
A11: Is she still nursing?
B11: Yes, she is still nursing.

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