Coming from the Market (27)

English Bahasa Duri

Coming from the Market

A1: Where are you coming from ma'am?
B1: I’m coming from the market.
A2: What did you buy?
B2: I bought fish and vegetables.
A3: Where are you originally?
B3: Originally I’m from Sweden.
A4: What things are plentiful where you come from?
B4: We have a lot of potatoes and wheat where I come from.
A5: What do people do with the potatoes?
B5: They boil and eat them.

Topole pasa’

A1: Pole umboriki'? 
B1: Polena' pasa'. 
A2: Apara taalli? 
B2: Nallina' bale sola utan. 
A3: Toumboki'? 
B3: To-Swediana'. 
A4: Apara to buda jio kampongta'? 
B4: Ia to buda jio kampongku' lame-lame sola gose'. 
A5: Dikabua' apa to lame-lame? 
B6: Dirakanni jolo', mane' dikande.