Cold in Finland (10)

Bahasa Duri

Macakke' jio Finlandia

A1: Macakke'raka inde' Baraka?
B1: Iana bongi macakke', iake alloi malussu.
A2: Umbonnari macakke' jio Finlandia na inde' Baraka?
B2: Macakke'piki' jio Finlandia.
A3: Masai unapiriki'ka torro inde'?
B3: Sangminggumora, apa iana puramo pemilu ratu pole'na' inde'.
A4: Piramiriki' sainna melajah bicara Duri?
B4: Tallungminggumo'.  Umbonnari masussa to bicara Duri na bicara Toraja?
A5: Masussa ia to bicara Duri na ia to bicara Toraja.
B5: Ia to toDuri macca ia, sanga sininna to bicara mawatang naissen ngasan.



Cold in Finland

A1: Is it cold here, in Baraka?
B1: At night it's cold, but in the day it's hot.
A2: Where is it colder, in Finland or Baraka?
B2: It's colder in Finland.
A3: Will you stay here much longer?
B3: One week longer, but after the general elections I will come back.
A4: How long have you been studying the Duri language?
B4: For three weeks. Which language is more difficult Duri or Torajanese?
A5: The Duri language is more difficult than Torajanese.
B5: Duri people must be smart, because they know all these difficult languages.

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