Carpenters (31)


English Bahasa Duri


A1: Which ones are more skillful, the carpenters in Rappang or the carpenters in Duri?
B1: The ones in Rappang are more professional than the ones here.
A2: What’s the difference between the carpenters in Rappang and the carpenters here?
B2: In Rappang there are already many who use planing machines, but there aren’t any here yet.
A3: What else is different?
B3: In Rappang there are already many who can read drawings. While here still only a few can. Carpenters who have workied in foreign areas are able to read drawings.
A4: Which ones are less expensive?
B4: The one here are less expensive than the ones in Rappang.
A5: What’s the difference in price if we have a house built here or in Rappang?
B5: I don’t know for sure what the difference would be.

Pande bola

A1: Umbonnari macca to pande bola Rappang na pande bola inde'?
B1: Mapandeanni to pande bola Rappang na ia to pande bola ntee mai.
A2: Apara sisalana ke pande bola Rappang na ia to pande bola inde'?
B2: Ia ke doo ntuu Rappang, budami mpake kattang masina. Ia ke ntee mai te'dapa.
A3: Apapi sisalana?
B3: Ia ke jiong Rappang, budamo ia macca ngkitai gambara'. Ia ke ntee mai makurangpa. Ia ke to pole sompa' maccamo ngkitai gambara' to pande bola.
A4: Umbonnara masempo?
B4: Masempo iake ntee mai na iake doo ntuu Rappang.
A5: Pirara sisalana ke mangpapekabuatanki' bola ntee mai na iake jiong Rappang?
B5: Te'da kuissen tonganni sisalana.