Burning the Forest (41)

Bahasa Duri


A1: Mangngapari to tau ntuu joo?
B1: Manyumpunni.
A2: Ciapari nasumpunni tau tuu joo buntu Koda'?
B2: Mbai sumpunni randan bara'bahna namangngulala', iarika dikua namalollo' pole' to reu la nakande barangapa, iarika dikua nadanggi' najio bang to bai membuni.
A3: Bisaraka joo api bosi bang dau?
B3: Bisa.
A4: Te'daraka apa nakande joo api ke mangngulala' bangngi mabela?
B4: Iana den bola sikandoppi' alla' reu iamo nakande.
A5: Denmoraka bola nakande api jio randan alah?
B5: Denmo tonna tee namanyumpun to tau na ngkande bola annan.
A6: Te'daraka nadibosian joo api tonna tee tonna ngkande bola?
B6: Dibosian ia apa tangnatananni to tau mbosianni.





Burning the Forest

A1: What are those people doing?
B1: They are burning the forest.
A2: Why are the people burning the forest on Kodak mountain?
B2: May be they were burning grass at the edge of their garden and the fire spread, or maybe they are doing it purposely so that new grass will grow for livestock feed; or so that pigs won’t hide out there.
A3: Will the fire go out by itself later?
B3: Yes it will.
A4: Couldn’t something be destroyed by a fire if it spreads too far?
B4: If there are houses next to bushes, they might be burned.
A5: Has a house near to a forest ever been burnt?
B5: Once some people were burning grass, and in the end six houses were burned down.
A6: Couldn’t they extinguish the fire before thsoe houses were burned down?
B6: They had tried to extinguish it but htey were not able to.

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