Being Ill (44)


English Bahasa Duri

Being Ill

A1: Is Mirjami better now?
B1: She has taken her medicine, but she’s not well yet.
A2: Have you taken her to the doctor?
B2: Yesterday I took her to the doctor.
A3: What does she have?
B3: She has a fever. I think it is the measles. And her brother has a cold.
A4: That’s too bad. Don’t let her go out in the rain so often.
B4: Yes, I won’t let her go out in the rain anymore.
A5: Well, if you’ll excuse me I’ll be going now.
B5: Okay.


A1: Malagahmiraka Mirjami?
B1: Purami ngkande pejampi apa te'da unapa namalagah.
A2: Puramiraka dibawa lako dottoro'?
B2: Sangbo' kubawai lako dottoro'.
A3: Masaki apari?
B3: Makula kalei. Kusangai mangbarakapa'i. Bolokan tooi kakanna.
A4: O, dikka'. Anggi' papentiuran bangngi.
B4: Ie', te'damo naden naurannii.
A5: La malemo' jolo'.
B5: Ie'.