August 17 (39)

Bahasa Duri

17 Agustus

A1: Te'da mumale menonton sun Baraka?
B1: Malekan tee too, apa doppari.
A2: Apara ditonton jio Baraka?
B2: Tomakkelong.
A3: To umbora jo pakkelong?
B3: To-Kalimbua.
A4: Ciapari naratu inde' to tau makkelong?
B4: Ratui makkelong sanga mangrame-ramei to tau.
A5: Apara disanga mangrame-rame?
B5: Ia to disanga mangrame-rame mperingatii hari Kemerdekaan 17 Agustus.
A6: Apa unamora napaningoan to tau ke mangrame-ramei?
B6: Buda rupanna paningoan. Den manggolo', den mangpolli, den mangkasti, den mangpimpong, den mangbarisi'. Iake bongii den tomakkelong, menari', mangbas, manggalesu.



August 17

A1: Aren’t you going to see what’s happening in Baraka?
B1: We are going to, but in a little while.
A2: What is there to see in Baraka?
B2: Singers.
A3: Where are those singers from?
B3: They are from Kalimbua.
A4: Why are they coming here to sing?
B4:They are coming to sing because the people are having a festive gathering.
A5: What do you mean by a ”festive gathering”?
B5: This festive gathering is a commemoration of independence day, August seventeeth.
A6: What kind of fun activities will people take part in?
B6: All kinds of games. There’s soccer, volleyball, softball, pingpong, walking races, and in the evening there are people singing, dancing, playing bamboo flutes, and playing lutes.

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