1 and 2 Peter

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Peter sent two letters to believers in the province of Asia Minor.

The first letter was sent to encourage the faith of the readers who faced pressure and persecution, because of their faith in Lord Jesus Christ. Peter reminded the readers of the letter to always put their hope in the News of Salvation, because Lord Jesus Christ had died, and risen again and promised to come back again. Therefore there is hope even in difficulties, because they knew that Lord God used these sufferings to see if they really continued to believe in Christ. Peter also asked them to have the mind of Lord Jesus Christ.

The second letter Peter sent so the believers would know to fight the false teachers. The believers should hold on to the true teaching about Lord God and about Lord Jesus Christ. The disciples that saw and heard Lord Jesus teaching they proclaimed that true teaching. The false teachers said, "Lord Jesus will not come back". Peter explained that if Lord Jesus seems to be delayed in coming back it is because Lord God doesn't want anyone to perish. He wants all people to repent from their sins so that they are saved.